Nature’s Guide to Beauty

I’ve always been inspired by the way humans take design from nature. Almost everything we create, we have borrowed from our Mother Earth, often forgetting to give credit where credit is due. For my entire life, I have never been able to shut my eyes to our planet. I’ve had some of the most romantic experiences being at peace with our world and breathing it all in. Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks make up one of my favorite areas of the world. That’s why my fiancé and I have decided to celebrate our wedding in the area. Last Spring we were scouting out secluded locations, where we stumbled upon Jenny Lake Lodge. The lodge and campsite are nestled into the looming mountains creating an intimate, yet ominous feeling.


Amangani Resort and Spa

We also stopped by Amangani, a resort and spa, just a few minutes outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We’d love to have our ceremony facing the mountains, while we celebrate in a grand ball theme of the 1900s style. Being united together while being at one with nature is our goal. We liked the open air patio in the back with a view stretching out over the grand mountain range. Although we liked Jenny Lake Lodge’s seclusion and forested atmosphere, the draw of the Amangani resort is clear. We imagined a royal atmosphere, with towering flowers and smooth Glen Miller songs.

Amangani, Jackson Hole, Wyoming


















We found this little fox on the drive through Glacier National Park. Naturally, we named him George. We rolled up right as he was pouncing on a mouse. We felt a little bad for the little guy, but that is nature. Lunch!

Fashion + Function

Fashion Takes on a New Role

Fashion should have a functional twist. In China, some of the worst air pollution in the world is found surrounding cities. Chinese designers are realizing they must produce protective fashion to sustain their urban lifestyles. Beautiful new innovations of fashion with functionality are popping up every day. Fashion finally meets function, as if function is the new black. Climate change is affecting us all more and more. As our climate changes, we must protect ourselves with fashion.


Special Edition Masha Ma mask available on Yoox













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