Dig It! Gardens

Dig it Gardens is the cutest gardening shop in Phoenix. They host a wide array of indoor and outdoor plants for sale. As well as gardening classes, which are sometimes offered on the weekends. Recently, I attending a class to learn about raising indoor plants. It was a lot of fun, and only $10! Certainly a great way to spend a hot Summer Saturday in Phoenix. The owners give a very humanized touch to the place, complete with an urban mural on the entire exterior of the building. It’s hard to miss as you drive down the street, and I had always wanted to stop by. I am glad I did because I learned a few tips on keeping my indoor plants alive, as well as realizing some errors I was making. My pothos plant is probably just as happy as I am, that I stopped by.

Check them out on Insta: @dig_it_phx


Desert Botanicals

The Desert Botanical Gardens also offers gardening classes. However, they are a bit more pricy. During the holiday season, I like to visit DBG, because of the vast outdoor space. It’s more enjoyable when it’s cool. My favorite event is┬áLAS NOCHES DE LAS LUMINARIAS, usually hosted in the late Fall. Millions of little lights fill the gardens and grounds. Live music fills the air. It’s one of the most peaceful events in Phoenix to get you into the holiday vibe.

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