Hana’s Secrets

Hana: Maui’s Favorite Road

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The islands are isolated from other lands. They must take extra precautions with invasive species and ecological threats. The National Park Service in Hawaii work to preserve the islands for generations to come. They are especially aware of the history of the land. Originally, each island was divided into sections. Accordingly, this is how they can best be preserved. Ancient conservation practices are particular to each region. Hawaiians are good stewards of the islands, which is why the Hawaiian islands remain a tourist destination. Learn more about the National Park Service in Haleakalā and plan your visit here: https://www.nps.gov/hale/index.htm

Once upon a time, we took a spontaneous trip to Maui to camp in Hana. The East side of the island is less touristy. You’ll find more campers, than honeymooners. For us, it was the beginning of a new journey together. First, we decided to hike in the Haleakalā National Park on the East side of the Island. For millions of years, the rains from the forest trickled down the mountain, creating this gulch and small valley. Small pools tucked into the rocks, bring together the elements of life. We climbed near a small pool and waterfall. From on top of the waterfall, the view was incredible. We stood above a gorge, which stretched out to the Pacific.

We looked out towards the ocean, while I thought about my love for nature. I felt at peace with the Earth, because there was a private tranquility to this place. It resonated in my heart. My dear love has understood this part of my soul, which I did not know myself for a long time. He understands my need to be unified with our planet, so it was here where he proposed!