Flower Inspiration

I believe flowers have succeeded on this Earth, because they are good for it. They are good for humans, and nature alike. I’ve always been inspired by the way humans take design from nature. Almost everything we create, we have borrowed from our Mother Earth. Often we forget to give credit where credit is due. For my entire life, I have never been able to shut my eyes to our planet. I’ve had some of the most romantic experiences being at peace with our world. Take time to breathe it all in. Smell the roses.

Desert Poppies Blooming near Lake Pleasant, Arizona | March 2017



Poppy and Peony Flower Friends

I’ve always been in love with our planet in my own way. There are a plethora of nature’s secrets, which I will never have time to discover. I found this perfect flower friend, while I was walking my dog. Sometimes little flowers jump out at me, so I have to capture the moment. Tiny things capture my attention, like the refraction of a holiday light. Or intricate patterns on the underside of a leaf. The Earth takes my breath away every day that I live.

Naxos: Cycladic Ancestors

Naxos – An Ancient Island

In the Spring of 2015, I checked off a line item on my bucket list. Visiting the island of Naxos, Greece, had long been a goal of mine.  I first learned of the quaint island, while studying design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I was inspired by the exceptional sophistication of the female forms. Seeing the Cycladic figurines became an aspiration.

The Cycladic culture peaked between 3300-1100 BCE, but the civilization mysteriously disappeared during the Greek Dark Ages. Apparently, the ancient civilization crafted millions of these tiny figurines. Accordingly, they were experts at the techniques and skill in their design. They were able to create strikingly advanced statues with the smallest of details. Some mysteries still remain of the ancient culture, who valued intricate detail so diligently.

on Naxos